Friday, October 30, 2015

Five free stories / Happenings In The Outhouse 30-Oct-2015

From now through November 2nd, 2015, I have a Halloween-special promotion for five of my short stories--they are FREE.  These are only available through Amazon, and for those of you who have Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you can pick these up through that program as well.

All of these stories are part of the If Walls Could Talk short story collection.  There are a few others in the collection, but these five are longer and are available separately.

The first is I Zone. 

"An outbreak in the northwoods of Minnesota threatens the livelihood of its residents.  But when NICK CHASE and his best friends SHAWN and MANDY go out for the annual deer hunting season, they discover the horrific truth behind those infected."
The second is Mischief Is My Middle Name.

"Fed up with an abusive, controlling marriage, ERIN KEMP gives her daughter TINA the one gift she’s been asking for—and frees herself in the process."
The third is Night People.

"ABBY STONE hates working the nightshift. She hates it even more that she has to work alongside her abusive ex-husband TROY. But she soon develops a growing affection for one of her co-workers. There’s only one problem. THOMAS FREDERICK, who goes by the colorful name of MR. SPOOKY, works exclusively at night."

The fourth is Reach's Roaches.

"KYLE REACH has a family secret. A strange disease that fatally strikes the males in the family by their mid-twenties. His wife CHARISSA prays the disease skips Kyle, for she doesn’t want to spend the better part of her life a widow. She doesn’t want to raise her unborn son by herself either.  But there is something more to the Reach women, Kyle’s mother and grandmother, than just surviving widows."

And last, but certainly not least, is The 13th Hole.

"ADAM DOLE has no choice but to face his fears. In high school, he killed accidentally killed someone with a golf ball from the 13th hole. He told no one. Another man paid for his crime.   Now, he has to win a golf tournament on the same golf course. However, the house that lies beyond the dreaded 13th hole may hold secrets.   Including the secret of his innocence."
All five of these short stories are FREE for the Halloween season.  Please be sure to pick them up while you can.

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