Friday, January 16, 2015

Nearing the finish line / Happenings In The Outhouse 16-Jan-2015

Yesterday morning, Straight Razor, the second novel in the Central Division Series, crossed the 50K word mark.

Story-wise, it is nearing the end.  I still have the climactic finale to write, then tie up some loose ends.  Then what will I do?

Edit, of course.  I don't dare upload it for pre-orders just yet, because the furthest I can do that is 90 days.  It's possible it could be completed by then, but just in case . . .

I got some news this past week that a friend of mine, who has also served as one of my faithful beta readers, has been cancer free for a year.  The friend also requested some more stories to read, so I will be sending off my latest--the ones they had not read yet.

Another friend of mine, a member of my writers' group, has also published her first ebook on the Kindle.  Her name is E. I. Glass.  Her daily devotional guide is called Beginning the Day With God.  All she needs to do, at this point, is upload the new cover and I will provide a link to it.  It's an incredible ebook, with a lot of thoughtful stories from her life along with a Biblical Scripture passage.  This is the first of many in this series of devotionals, so be sure to pick this first one up.

This also brings up another point.  Writing may be hard, and for many who have reasonable technical skills, the publishing part on Amazon's Kindle Store (or on Smashwords, KoboBooks, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and even on Google Play) can be daunting.  I assisted E. I. Glass with the upload process, which she stated repeatedly was overwhelming.  I agree.  It is.  But I will bet that before too long, she'll be a pro and will navigate the indie publishing world with ease.

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