Friday, January 30, 2015

Let the edits begin / Happenings In The Outhouse 30-Jan-2015

As of Tuesday morning this week, Straight Razor is complete.  The first draft, anyway.  It is just shy of 60,000 words.

Now, let the editing begin.

I don't, however, have to start at the beginning.  In the process of writing the first draft, I'm nearly halfway done with the first round of edits already.  To recap: as I have a full-time job and unable to bring my laptop with me at work--it's a bit immobile at the moment, which is a long story in and of itself.  The Cliff's Notes version can be summed up as I'm too cheap to buy a new one.  Anyway, in the mornings, I write the new stuff.  New words to the first draft.  At work, I work on past chapters, editing them.  Now, with the first draft done, I can on the edits fully.

So far, it seems to have worked out well.  For me, at least.  It may not work for you.

Changes.  The world is full of changes.  As the world changes, as our lives change, we must adapt and overcome.

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