Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Garcia, you're on speaker." Get your Netflix fix for Criminal Mind's Penelope Garcia.

I like practically all of the characters on "Criminal Minds", however one of my favorite two is the quirky, electronics-saavy Penelope Garcia--played by Kirsten Vangsness.

Garcia is like the Wizard of Oz, in her own special way.  She's the woman behind the curtain, with her fingers flying across the keyboard and a ton of information to be had at her fingertips.

Early on in the series, whenever anyone would call her--she was typically back at the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) headquarters while the team was out in the field--it was usually Special Agent Derek Morgan and she would say something odd and unprofessional if you didn't quite know her.  Morgan, when he did call her, would call her nicknames like Sweetness or Baby Girl, which she completely ate up.

Over time, whenever they would call and put her on speaker for other agencies to hear, they would say, "Garcia, you're on speaker."  This was her clue to speak more professionally.

Throughout the seasons, she has fallen in love, been asked for her hand in marriage, been shot, and has had friends pass out of her life.  She loves anything that has to do with technology and was even recruited by the FBI due to her "hacking" abilities.

So get your Netflix fix by watching "Criminal Mind" and Penelope Garcia.  Her loving wit will make your smile and laugh every time.

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