Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Get your Netflix fix: Criminal Minds - why we love it vs. the "other show"



Honestly, the truth is in the numbers on this one.  The original show Criminal Minds seems to be far superior to the Suspect Behavior spin-off.

Why, you might ask?  For crying out loud, it's even got Forest Whitaker in it.  Sorry, my friends, not even he can pull this one out of the primal ooze.

I think it can be summed up by what Janeane Garofalo said near the end of episode seven, titled "Jane."  In the episode, a number of women went missing.  Women no one seemed to care about.  Janeane's character told Whitaker's character (see, I can't even remember their names) that the In Case Of Emergency contact on her employment records is blank, and if she ever went missing who would miss her.

Bingo!  From minute one, we did not care of any of the characters in Suspect Behavior.  In the original series, we loved them all.  They were like family.  In the other show, they were distant and it was too plot-driven.  There was no human interest in their personal lives.

And that, my friends, is why Criminal Minds wins with a TKO!  We care about Morgan and Reid, Prentiss and Penelope, Hotch and Gideon, and even the lovely J.J.  We know about their personal lives and they work as a team.

So, be sure to catch all 9 season of Criminal Minds on Netflix.  The one and only season of Suspect Behavior is on Netflix too.  If you care to comment, please do so below.

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