Monday, July 7, 2014

Killzone: Book 1 of the Shadowkill Trilogy is now a published novel

Yes, you heard correctly.  I spent my 4th of July holiday working diligently on the final edits to Killzone, and it is now on the Amazon Kindle store.  Here's a link to the ebook.

"These are the events the government doesn't want you to know about in the war on terror."

Ramadi, Iraq, 2006.

Lucas Simmons and Tre Paxton are recruited to be part of a top secret military project.  Along with a group of four other highly skilled video gamers, they're brought to a government installation in the heart of Washington DC.

Instead of testing game simulations, they're powering a team of robotic soldiers called SHADOWs.

The Strategic Hazardous Androis for Defensive Operations and Warfare is the latest innovations in robotic technology.  These androids look and act just like real people.

But there's a problem.  One of their team membershas a secret project of their own, and is bent on revenge for the catastrophic disaster perpetrated on September 11th, 2001.

Are Lucas, Tre, and the other team members of Shadow Team strong enough to stop him?

Please be sure to pick up Killzone: Book 1 of the Shadowkill Trilogy from the Amazon Kindle store.

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