Friday, July 25, 2014

Happenings In The Outhouse 25-July-2014 / my next "short" project

I took a slight detour with the sequel to Beholder's Eye, as I am working on a "short" project.

Over the years I have a number of short stories in my arsenal, and I decided at this point to publish a collection of them.

Now, what I've decided to experiment with is the whole "first free" thing.  So, with this short story colleciton, I've published one of the stories and have put it up for free on other publishing sites, like Kobo and Smashwords.  Here's the cover:

The Things They Collected, short story, in the Amazon Kindle store.

Now, here's the kicker.  I don't want you to buy it.  Seriously.  It's only $.99 (because I can't list it as free on Amazon), but in all other places it's free.  If you really, really want to buy it and give me money, I don't complain.  However, what I'd like you to do is tell Amazon about the free price elsewhere.

In the next week or so, I hope to have the short story collection finalized and formatted.  In the meantime, I have a link to sign up on my website in the short story--I also have a previous post, so please take the time to sign up if you are so inclined.

Once this is complete, I'll head back to Straight Razor.

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