Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lessons learned from Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I watched two related movies on Netflix: The Buddy Holly Story, starring Gary Busey and La Bamba starring Lou Diamond Phillips.

I do understand both movies are theatrical embellishments of Buddy Holly's and Ritchie Valen's true life--what movie isn't?  But underlying both are similar themes: each achieved stardom by working hard at what they loved to do--create music--as well as not compromising the visions of what they wanted to create.

Any artist should admire these young singers for what they accomplished in a short period of time.  They saw rock and roll as a new medium of music, and embraced it.  Despite what others said about them.

In other words, work hard.  Don't compromise.  Keep creating.  Expand your horizons.  Try different mediums or genres.  Continuously improve your skills.

Do it now.  Today.

The world is waiting.

(Buddy and Ritchie will be proud that you did.)

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