Friday, May 9, 2014

Happenings In The Outhouse 09-May-2014 / Shadowkill becomes a trilogy! And gets a new name!

I've been hashing this around for a few weeks, and I decided that Shadowkill will no longer be a stand-alone novel.  It will, in fact, be a trilogy.

That being said, I spent several days brainstorming on what the title of the trilogy could be.

And here it is: Shadowkill is now Killzone: Book 1 in the Shadowkill Trilogy.

Ironically enough, Killzone was the original title of this book and I changed it when I discovered there was already a video game called Killzone.  Now, Killzone is back with a vengence.

Book 1 is set in the summer of 2006, the bloodiest summer in the Iraq War.  Tentatively, the second book will be more modern times and the third will be set a bit in the future.

As we speak, I'm currently editing chapter thirty-eight and there are fifty-one chapters in the novel.  It's running close to 71,000 words, which is a little shy for a full novel.  Either in the final chapters or in my next pass-through, I'll look for areas to beef up.  I already know how I'll enhance the first chapter.

Then, I need to grow the love interest early on--yes, I'm adding a touch of romance to this as well.

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