Monday, May 28, 2012

Future of book signings in this new e-publishing world

While in Rochester last week, running to get my wife something to eat while she waited to get her blood taken--her next appointment was looming close on the horizon at that point, and we didn't want to risk missing it on account of filling our bellies--a thought occurred to me (as sometimes thoughts do when I'm not in a convenient place to write it down): with the advent of e-publishing, how will author book signings be affected?

I thought this as I was driving up to the Apache Mall, with the Barnes & Noble store right along the front, next to the food court.  A Minnesota author, Amanda Hocking (who ironically lives not far from Rochester), had a book signing in the B&N store a few months prior.  I was in Rochester the week prior and was unable to attend the signing.  Anyway, when I thought of this and mixed it in with my thoughts on the ever-changing world of e-publishing, how would book signings be handled?

An author can't really sign an ebook, can he/she?

This, of course, when I'm also thinking of my own ebook 99 Ways To Have A Memorable Wedding On A Shoestring Budget.

Not sure if I have any answers at this point.  I might have to inquire with Seth Godin for some always-insightful wisdom.

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