Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where in the world did the time go?

We have all wondered this, present company included.

For an entire week, everyone has 168 hours to accomplish what they need.

Even if you sleep a total of 8 hours each night (if you're like me, this number is more like 5 or 6) and work another 40, that leaves you with 72 hours to do what you want.

Granted, if you have a wife and kids like I do, that will eat a large portion of the 72, but certainly not all of it.

What I challenge each of you to do is start a time diary.  For the previous week (you can either start on Sunday or just go with the first weekday on Monday, that's completely up to you), write down a simple schedule of what you did.  And don't cheat.  You're only cheating yourself.

If you can't remember, start right now by keeping track of what you do with your time and track it for an entire 7 days.

Once that is accomplished, look at it and ask yourself what could be removed to excel at what you're passionate about.  Could you wake up an hour or so before everyone else and either read or brainstorm new ideas (or write, like I do)?  Do you really need to watch so much TV?  I'm not saying cutting out TV completely, but you've never heard a multi-millionaire or billionaire say, "I attribute my success to all the hours of Survivor or Jersey Shore."  It's absurd.

Carve out notches of time to accomplish these tasks.

Commit to doing it (because, like I said, all you're cheating is you if you don't).

Then, do it.

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