Friday, February 3, 2012

How one can learn by watching TV

As I've alluded to in previous blogs, I'm an avid Food Network fan.  Not that I love to cook so much that I view that is my passion in life--because it's not.  Writing is my passion.  In watching many of the programs, however, especially the heart-wrenching competitions, it fires me up.

Because, by and large, those contestants are living their passion for cooking.

But many of them fall short.

Let's say for a minute that my passion was cooking and to teach others the art of cooking through TV.  I enter one of their many competitions, which may look easy on TV even though I'll bet when you actually do it, in front cameras, it's an entirely different world.

Back to my fictional cooking life.  Let's say I get excepted to be the next Iron Chef.  The competition in that arena is fierce.  Where many, in my opinion, fall short is this: they have part of the secret to their success right at their fingertips and they don't even realize it.  I know the stakes are high, but I'd raise the bar even higher . . . by studying ALL of the previous episodes, dissecting what is being asked and how the contestants react/act.

If you want to be a TV chef, study hours and hours of what it takes, what they do.  This past summer, the kids and I watch a few of the last few episodes of the Next Food Network Star where this chef named Jeff Mauro, AKA the Sandwich King, won.  But even as it drew near the end, many of the contestants didn't have a clue how to work the camera or even have an idea on what their food message was.

Except Jeff Mauro.

Because it's all about sandwiches.

Here's a clue to all of the future Next Food Network Star contestants (not sure how many read my blog, but I'm sure it's bound to be a lot - wink*wink*): WATCH THE LAST SEVEN SEASONS!

It's called learning.

And learning can be done by watching TV.  Only if it sparks a few brain cells and motivates you to succeed.

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