Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I was a teenage rapper

For a brief time I was, along with my friend Kregg who's now a contractor down in the Twin Cities.

We were sophomores, and during the Homecoming program at school, in front of the entire student body, we rapped.  Oddly enough, at the time, I wore shades (because you gotta wear shades if you're gonna rap, right?) which meant I had to take my glasses off.  The student body was a huge giant blur.

We rapped a rendition of a rather infamous 2 Live Crew song which we titled "Let's beat the Ponies!"  The Ponies were our homecoming football opponents.  On a funny note, the assistant principal, Mr. G, thought we actually sang the real 2 Live Crew song because somehow the audio wasn't the best.

Somewhere out there is a video of our rap.

If it ever made it to YouTube, I'm sure it'd go viral.

Much like this video taken by my same "former rapper" friend.

Why did we do it?

To be different, to be famous?


Although there might've been a girl watching too . . .

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