Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions - why I don't believe in them

"I'm going to eat right."

"I'm going to write that book."

"I'm going to start that business."

"I'm going to take some college classes."

"I'm going to get out of debt."

"I'm going to lose ten pounds." (or twenty or thirty or fifty or . . .)

"For my New Year's Resolution, I'm going to ________________ "

Do any of these sound familiar?

If you answered yes to any of these or were able to fill in the blank, then you're like most people.  But, also, most people don't fullfill their resolutions.  Why?  Because they have a habit of not keeping with their resolutions and procrastinating.

That's why I say when I came to something I want to do--write in a blog, Monday through Friday, as a way to both promote my writing and give back the lessons I've learned to help other people achieve their dreams--I didn't start on January first.  I started in the middle of October, the moment I thought of it.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, as I've said before, and one that I had been listening to at the time was by career coach Dan Miller.  In the particular podcast, he said that he's been blogging for the past few years, Monday through Friday, and hasn't missed a day yet.  When I heard that, I said to myself, "That's what I'll do.  And I'll do it right now."

And I've committed myself to doing it every weekday.  I've even committed myself to posting a special blog on certain major holidays (New Year's, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, at least, with some of the others thrown in the mix at times)

I have also committed myself to simply writing everyday--not just on weekdays but every single day.  This would be for my novels and short stories.  That resolution I've had for the past several years--with the exception of a few days here and there, I've pretty much kept to that resolution.

What's your resolution?

Better yet, what is it that you want to do?  Know what that is.  Start it.  Today.  Any day.  You don't need a holiday to give yourself permission to start (even though I'm posting this on a holiday).  I'm giving you permission.

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