Friday, January 20, 2012

The lost art of learning for yourself - part 2

Don't feel overwhelmed.

The amount of information out there is mind-boggling.  Who do you listen to?  What books should do you need to read, what blogs to follow, what blogs to comment on, what podcasts to download . . . the list goes on and on.

I feel your pain.

But take a moment and hit the pause button.

Then, once you've taken a breath or two, hit the play button and do one thing.  Just one.  Do it with excellence.

Stephen King started his career writing horror-genre books, excelled at it, and because of it is forever known as the King of Horror.  John Grisham has written most of his career in the legal thriller realm, and has excelled.

Kregg, a friend of mine who lives in the Twin Cities, is a general contractor.  He didn't start out this way.  Years ago, he bought a power washer to clean off his deck.  Afterwards, he thought he could make a business out of it.  He excelled at it, and soon expanded his business into remodeling, general contracting, and even home inspections.  Did he do it by sitting on his butt and whining?  Nope.  He got up and worked.  I'm sure he hit some bumps along the way--what small business owner doesn't?  But he overcame them and became a success, even landing on an episode of HGTV's Curb Appeal--however, I couldn't find a link to it on YouTube.

Don't let the overwhelming tidal wave of information stop you from turning your dream into a reality.  Pick one thing, do it today, and do it with excellence.

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  1. many bumps along the way...but what i found out is that i was always listening but not always paying attention to what teachers and my dad were telling me. After i got all of the junk out of my head and the noise cleared i started remembering. i still listen to all of the lessons told to me....because it turns out i was is inside us to dig deep and move forward.