Monday, January 16, 2012

"I Have A Dream" - have a dream, and live it

I can honestly say that I never really had a decent history teacher--or if I did, I was daydreaming about flying an X-wing fighter alongside Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.  It wasn't until this past summer, while reading Simon Sinek's phenomenal book Start With Why and he mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, that it dawned on me that I've never seen it.

With today being Martin Luther King Jr. Day I figured I would pay a small tribute to him.  Dr. King's speech is about dreams, obviously.  It is about freedom and the racial injustice of that age.  When I first watched it, I was completely moved.  Why was this speech never taught in school?  The speech deals with racism, which was predominant in the early 1960's, but it also inspires people to dream.  He inspired people to rise to new heights, to be better people, to excel.

I love that.  Yes, I may have done a little too much dreaming when I should've been paying attention in my classes, but for crying out loud I was battling the Empire!

Close your eyes, listen to the 17-minute speech, and be inspired.  Then, be free, let go of your fears, and achieve the success you were meant for.

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