Monday, January 30, 2012

The days of old are long gone

At last week's writers' group meeting (named Permanent Ink), aside from reading our latest works, we also talked about what the future of publishing has become and will be.

Hence, we talked about blogs.

Obviously, if you're reading this, you know I have a blog.  I've been blogging every weekday since the middle of October 2011.  The other two members attending the meeting do not, but I encouraged them to do so.  One member is a retired school teacher, an accomplished speaker (who's spoken all across the country and has even gone into Canada), and has written a column for the local newspaper for 15 years, so the content that she could share is astounding.  She's even published a few short pieces for Christian publications.  The other member is an aspiring playwright and writer, who actually had a short piece published in Redbook I believe when she was in grade school (holy cow!!!).  She writes fictional life-stories for her nieces and nephews, which have been a real hit with her family.

When their blogs get up and running, I'll make sure to feature them in an upcoming blog.

I recently finished reading Seth Godin's book Meatball Sundae which deals with the way people are successfully marketed to today.  Gone are the days of buying a Super Bowl ad or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an ad campaign to blast your message out to as many people as possible, because most will ignore it.  Instead, by starting a platform (i.e. a blog) and having it filled with a lot of content, if you were to advertise a new product on your site, the number of people who will buy will go up exponentially.

My favorite quote from the book is this: "If you want to thrive, you need to do two things: make something worth talking about; and make it easy to talk about."

If your message is worth talking about, and you engage with your followers, you will succeed.

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