Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A query letter - part 3 - a sample letter

***This is a basic example of a query letter, and yes I mean basic.  I'm not trying to be clever in any such way.  This is just a rough idea of what one should look like.***

October 26th, 2011

Your name
Your address
Your city, state, and ZIP
Phone number
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Literary Agency
Their address
Their city, state, and ZIP

Dear Steve: (or whoever the agent's name it)

     I am looking for a literary agent to represent me.  I have completed a 430-page, 85,000-word manuscript of humorous science fiction genre titled Fry Chef Alien.

     Fry Chef Alien is about an alien who lands on Earth and finds his spaceship is in need of repairs.  Repairs he can't do because, quite frankly, there are no repair shops for spaceships.  The alien then finds work as a fry chef, only to discover that many of the customers are also from his planet, also stuck here on unrepairable ships.
     I have both a B.S. and a Masters degree from the University of Minnesota in creative writing, and have studied under the direction of award-winning Minnesota author Mark S. R. Peterson.  I am also an active member of a local science fiction writer’s group named "Geeks R Us"

     Thank you for your time.  If so desired, I am able to send either the first few chapters or the entire manuscript for you to review.


Your name

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