Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Am A Writer

I am a writer.

Plain and simple.

I am proud of that title.

I am not an aspiring writer or one who dabbles in writing - I am a writer.

What are you?

Be proud of what you are, even if others snub their nose at you.  If those others are your friends, I think it's time for some new friends.  If those others are relatives, sorry you can't just up and unfriend them (okay, maybe in Facebook world you can - and I have).  But you can ignore them and feel sorry for their ignorant ways.

I recently found a very cool podcasting blog just for writers: www.writingexcuses.com  I found this website by pure accident.  I was on Wikipedia, looking up a fantasy author that I like named Brandon Sanderson.  Anyway, near the top of the page it said he participates in a weekly podcast called Writing Excuses.  Wow!  I felt like a kid in a candy store (not to overuse a very overused pun but it's the easiest way to describe it).  I've downloaded several podcasts so far and they're great.  I even saw a few Youtube videos of theirs, one of which featured a guy who called himself "an aspiring writer."  He was talking about how he loved the podcasts and all, but in the end one of the four writers who participate in this weekly show Howard Taylor advised the guy to call himself a writer, not an aspiring one, and be proud of that title.

What are you?  A writer.  A painter.  A carpenter.  A quilt-maker.  A mother.  A father.  A pastor.  A speaker.  A street sweeper.  A lawn cutter.  A landscaper.  An auto mechanic.

Most of us are more than one of these, but for your life's work, one defines it.  Sure, most of us will be mothers or fathers, husbands or wives, but the title of your work you should never be ashamed of.  Don't let anyone tell you to just get a job like everyone else.  That will inspire no one.  Be inspiring and be what you are made to do.

And, as always, do it today.  Right now.

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