Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Call To Action, Part 2

The fictional world J. K. Rowling created has done some fantastic things to the real world.  Especially the writing world.  Simply put, she's revived it.  With her well-crafted stories, she made it fun to read again.  She made it fun for others who haven't read a novel in their life enjoy the magical world of Harry Potter.

I have met countless people who I never took for readers, but who've read the Harry Potter novels, only to fall in love (metaphorically) with Rowling's world she's created.  And you know what else happened?  Those non-readers started reading other stories.

I will be the first to admit there's a lot of junk that's published nowadays.  Especially now when it's so easy to actually publish something in the way of self-publishing.  But us true writers, lovers of the written word and the story, have to push forward, honing our skills to create our own masterpieces.  And we will continue what J. K. Rowling started, by issuing into the world more and more readers.  Because readers are sorely needed.

Readers . . . are leaders.

But that's for another blog.  And another time.

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