Friday, March 28, 2014

Happenings In The Outhouse 28-Mar-2014 / Who's Carl Panzram?

Most have never heard of Carl Panzram.  I know I didn't, but last year while researching the town of Warren, Minnesota, for my novella Guest of Honor, I ran across a few notable residents.

One was a serial killer named Carl Panzram.

For many, you won't care.  But Warren is a town of 1500-plus residents.  Here's a link to Warren's Wikipedia page if you don't believe me.

Back in 1979, the town also became famous for a certain UFO incident.  No kidding!

I recently watched a show on Netflix about Carl Panzram and the trail of terror he created.  It's worth watching, and although it doesn't mention the town Warren by name, it does say he was from a small farming community in northwestern Minnesota.

It also says he is born south of Warren.  You know something?  The farm where Guest of Honor takes place is . . . south of Warren.


Guest of Honor also has a one-year birthday coming up.  Now, in reviewing covers over the past few weeks, I concluded that I still didn't quite like Guest of Honor.  So, I had it changed.

Thoughts on the cover?

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