Friday, March 14, 2014

Happenings In The Outhouse 14-Mar-2014 / Focus, Daniel-son

Most reading this are probably not old enough to know what "wax on, wax off" means--it's from the original Karate Kid, from 1984, staring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita.

One of Mr. Miyagi's many other sayings was "Focus, Daniel-son!"  He meant to focus one's energy on one spot and to not have one's mind wander around.

Lately, as I'm plowing through the edits in Shadowkill, I'm finding myself having a difficult time moving forward.  My editing technique was to take 3-4 chapters at a time and clean them up.  I'm finding this not really working for me.

So, I'm revising how I edit: one chapter at a time.  It's time-consuming, but I'm finding myself getting through chapters in a day or two.  Now, I know what you're thinking: "Why can't I get more done in a day?"  I'm trying, and with a family, a cancer-recovering wife, and a full-time job, this is the way to go at this point.  As I get used to this, I'll probably clean up at least a chapter a day and I'll get done with the book sooner.

I've finished editing chapters 16 and 17.  This is out of 52 chapters.  Still a long ways to go, but I am making progress.

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