Monday, February 24, 2014

Write at your own pace

There's been a lot of talk lately about writing fast.  A number of bloggers, podcasters, and authors lately have sported the importance of writing fast and how this seems to be the only way to get your work out there.

I tried it.

It didn't work for me.  At least, at this point in my life it didn't.

Honestly, I thought I was doing something wrong by working on one project at a time--editing Shadowkill instead of writing the first draft of book two in the thriller Central Division Series.  I tried for a few weeks to write the first draft in the morning while at night work on my edits.

If I wrote full-time, I could possibly juggle more than one project at a time.  But with juggling family, work, and writing, I had to cut back and do what is important.

You need to write at your own pace.  Now, I don't mean to write whenever you feel like it.  I believe you should do something every single day, whether it's writing or editing.  If you can do both, great!  If not, do one.  Work on one project at a time, if you need to.

What got me thinking of this was a podcast featuring fantasy author Myke Cole.  He advised that you need to take the time to do it right, not just speed through it.  So, that's what I did.

(Thanks, Myke Cole, for giving me permission to do it right, even if it means sacrificing a bit more time)

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