Monday, February 10, 2014

Influences from ages past

Did I ever mention how much I love Netflix?  I have?  I thought so--insert smiley face emoticon here.

The other day, I watched a movie I hadn't seen since I was around twelve.  I had only seen this movie once (on laser disc, which were gigantic record-size discs), but for some reason it resonated with me back in the day and influenced part of my writing--my second novel was a cross between this one and Nightmare On Elm Street.

The movie is Dreamscape.  Released in 1984, the special effects were primitive--when compared with films nowadays--but all in all it was a decent movie.  Although the plot of the movie may be simple, the ideas it sparked (in me) were groundbreaking.

Chances are, you have a movie (or two or . . . more) that have influenced you.  I have three: Dreamscape, Firefox, and The Prophecy.

Dreamscape was about being able to enter another person's dreams.  Now, in the movie, if you killed another person in the dream, they died in real life.

Firefox was about an American pilot who went to the Soviet Union to steal a highly-secretive aircraft.

The Prophecy was about the dark war amongst the angels.

Embrace those movies or books or other influences from your past.  Re-read or re-watch them.  Let them rekindle the ideas and spark new ones.

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