Friday, September 13, 2013

Happenings In The Outhouse 13-Sept-2013 / Starting over (AKA Writing Bad)

I know the feeling--and so do you.  You wrote something nine, twelve months ago and you look at it again because it either didn't sell to whom you were submitting or it didn't win the contest.  Then, you cringe at how awful it was written.

No wonder it didn't sell/win.

But now you are determined to make it better.  You start slicing and dicing the paragraphs and sentences until you realize it would be better if you started over.  Because you were . . . writing bad.

I will admit, I'm watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and I'm in the middle of season 3.  It's a fantastic plot series--one all centered around a high school chemistry teacher who "breaks bad" and starts cooking meth.

Earlier this year, I submitted a short story to Writers Of The Future.  I thought, at the time, it was deemed worthy, even though the competition is fierce.  I didn't win.  I'm planning on submitting it to some traditional markets, but when I read it over I discovered . . . it was written poorly.  I've learned a lot about writing in the past six months alone, and in looking over this story, I decided to just start over from scratch.

I've barely started, but I'm confident it will be better.
My inspirational novella titled Gabriel's Hope (yes it has a title now) is nearing completion and I have another short story ready to submit to this quarter's Writers Of The Future.  Then, I'll start work on the first draft to the 2nd novel in the Central Division thriller series, set to be finished by the end of this year.

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