Friday, September 6, 2013

Happenings In The Outhouse 06=Sept-2013 / writing advice vs. writing

This past Wednesday was our tri-weekly writers group meeting.  Present were myself and the other co-founder of the group.  After I read my piece--an inspirational soon-to-be novella--we discussed possible titles (because I'm not happy with the one I chose).

Then the conversation took a turn towards writing advice in general.

Type "writing advice" in Google or Bing or Yahoo! and you'll find yourself shoulder-deep in so much writing advice--this person's 10 rules of writing or that person's 5 must-do rules in order to become published--that you may actually not do any writing at all.

And that's wrong.

Over the past month or so, I've cut down the number of podcasts I listen to as well as the number of blogs I read--trust me, I still get quite a number, but the actual number is down from what it once was.  Why?  Because I kept seeing the same stuff printed over and over again.  Also, I didn't quite agree with much of the advice.  Again, why?  Because I could find books that broke those rules big time.

Here's the best piece of writing advice: write.  Not sit down and write.  Write.  That's it.  You can do it standing up.   You need to put words down somewhere.  I don't care where.  It can be on a piece of paper or a computer document or even on a napkin.

Just write.

I'm finalizing my next short story submission to the Writers Of The Future contest, due on October 1st.  I'm also working on the inspirational piece I shared in this week's writers group.  Don't forget, I still have my first full-length thriller novel Beholder's Eye on sale at the Amazon Kindle store (the link is along the side) as well as my novelette Guest of Honor, which not only has gotten a new cover, I also lowered the price to $.99.  I'd be "honored" if you'd pick it up and review it.

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