Friday, August 16, 2013

Happenings In The Outhouse 16-Aug-2013 / What next?

Beholder's Eye is out on the Kindle.

I have also enrolled it in the KDP Select program so you may borrow it, if you're an Amazon Prime member.  I'm not doing the "free thing" (yet) as I have nothing else out in the series.

But I'm working on it--the next in the Central Division Series.  I'm still undecided yet if I want to do the "free thing" or not.

I got it uploaded Sunday (after getting a cover done by a professional) and already I've gotten a few sales.  Not bad for a relatively unknown author.

What's next?

I'm holding off on the Beholder's Eye sequel for the next few weeks as I have two projects I'm working on: an inspirational novella tentatively titled Obituary Of A Loser and a short story to be submitted next month for the Writers Of The Future contest.

The Obituary novella is about a third complete in its edits, and should be closer to complete by next week.  The short story has a little more work to it.  When Obituary is complete, I will be uploaded it to the Amazon Kindle too.

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