Friday, August 2, 2013

Happenings In The Outhouse 02-Aug-2013 / Loving the silence

A few weeks ago, I said I was going on a podcast hiatus.  Here's the status of that: I'm loving the silence.

I usually spent a lot of my podcast listening time in the car, going to and from my day job.  Roughly 45 minutes each weekday.  Now, I brainstorm stories and the direction I need to take with my writing.  I'm accomplishing much.

First, I'm into the first draft of the sequel to Beholder's Eye.  I only have about 2800 words written so far, but this is the one I started back in December 2004.  Aside from the prologue, the rest of it has been changed--and I mean entirely.  Now, I only had 4-5 chapters written, but those have been stripped away.

I'm also in the process of editing my next short story for the Writers of the Future contest, due October 1st.  Also, I'm working on editing my soon-to-be inspirational novella I wrote in June.  I have 15.5K words written and need to bulk it up to at least 17.5K in order to make the novella word count mark.

Also, I'm in the process of revamping my previous submission to Writers of the Future from ealier this year.  I wasn't picked--not surprising, given the tough competition--but after examining it a bit more closely, I'm finding areas where it can be improved.  I won't resubmit it to WOTF, but I will try my hand at the professional markets instead of self-publishing this one.

Also, as we speak, I'm in the process of nailing down a cover for Beholder's Eye.  By next week--or even this weekend--I will definitely have it prepared to upload to the Amazon Kindle.

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