Monday, September 17, 2012

Expand on read a lot/write a lot advice

Twice now I have mentioned that some of the best writing advice boils down to read a lot/write a lot: here and here.

Let's expand on this a bit further.  First of all, there is a wealth of information out there and don't think you have to absorb all of it at once.  I've listened to a few podcasts numerous times and have heard something new every time.  Gather information slowly.  Over time, the information will lead you down a path.  To visualize it, does everyone remember the Lord of the Rings movie Return of the King?  There is one scene (although it could be the music that goes along with it that moves me too) where Gandalf has Pippin light the beacons that will alert the Rohirrim to aid Gondor.  To refresh your memory, here it is:

Read a lot.
Write a lot.

It's very simple.  Even expand to other forms of writing, if necessary.  With that, I'm going to give you a source to check out.  Famed screenwriter Blake Snyder wrote a book a number of years ago called Save The Cat.  He also wrote a sequel to it a few years later called Save the Cat Goes to the Movies.  I highly recommend reading these two books, even for the simple idea of putting a story together.  Keep in mind, novels are put together differently than movies.  I get that.  But the wonderful ideas Blake puts down is valuable.

Expand your knowledge.  Do it slowly.  It's not a race.  But you need to be continually moving closer to your goal.

Read a lot.  Write a lot.

What resources have you found that could be passed on to others here?  Please share with the audience.  Also, what are your thoughts on Blake's books?

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