Friday, June 1, 2018

Silence is golden (and so is noise) / Happenings In The Outhouse 01-June-2018

Before we move on, welcome to blog post number . . . 800!

If you search through my blog, I went on a podcast listening hiatus in second half of 2013 as well as what I called a "podcast fast" starting in December 2016.

Well, starting in mid-October 2017, I started listening to podcasts again.  With a vengeance.

The nature of most are true crime podcasts, but lately I have delved into a variety of history podcasts.  I will not list any here.  If you're curious, you can search for them yourself and chances are we may be listening to the same one.

Throughout the hiatus and podcast fast, I discovered that silence is indeed golden.

But now, listening to podcasts with a vengeance again, I love listening to the various stories.

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