Friday, January 26, 2018

Something got you down? Try baby steps / Happenings In The Outhouse 26-Jan-2018

For the past month, we've had numerous vehicle problems.

Coincide this with the chilly weather--northern Minnesota had temps in the severe negative degrees for a few weeks, no kidding--the time to write (and even the desire) has been whittled down to nil.

But why should it?

Even if I sit for fifteen, twenty minutes of uninterrupted time, I can crank out a few hundred words.  Adding to that over time, I'll have my current writing project done in no time.

The other day, I met a local writer (a newbie to our local writers' group) in the grocery store.  He had just gotten through a long bout of sickness in his household, and he apologized for not getting any writing done for the last meeting.  I told him that there was no apologies needed, and even added my own woes with vehicle troubles.

Then we discussed how much writing can be done in baby steps.  Not necessarily in large three-hour blocks, but in fifteen to thirty minute bursts daily.

That gave us both the motivation to keep going.

If something has you down, be it an illness or other troubles nagging at your mind, clear away fifteen minutes--baby steps, remember?--and have fun on your project.

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