Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy one-year birthday "Guest of Honor"

One year ago today, I published my first fiction ebook: Guest of Honor.

It was a joy to create, and frightening to boot.  It also contains two bonus features: a short story called "Hatchet Harry" and an excerpt of my first full-length thriller Beholder's Eye.
Inspired by the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Megan Dust is an eighteen-year-old on her way to the Twin Cities, from her home in northwestern Minnesota.  She knows hitchhiking is dangerous, but loves to play the odds.
She meets up with Bart Simms, an estate planning attorney from Minneapolis, who is on his way to meet a farming family.  There's only one problem: Megan has lived around there all her life and she's never heard of the family.
If you haven't picked this book up, please do so.  Here is the Amazon Kindle link for "Guest of Honor".

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