Wednesday, December 4, 2013

External character conflicts

Everyone in real life has conflicts. And your characters are no different. There are basically two types of conflicts: internal and external. Today we'll explore external conflicts.

External conflicts are, by and large, beyond the character's control.  A loved one gets cancer.  They lose their job.  Their house is set on fire.  The world is under attack by aliens.  A plane gets hijacked.  A salesperson goes on a sales call and gets rejected time and again.  They meet someone they're deeply attracted to.

Combining these external conflicts with internal conflicts makes for an interesting story.

In my thriller Beholder's Eye, the main character Kolin Raynes is an investigator for the Minneapolis PD.  He's new to the job--aside from his many years as a street cop--and finds himself in the midst of a serial killler.  One that is targeting him.  But for what reason, he doesn't know.  Then, his teenage daughter is kidnapped.

Talk about external conflicts!

Then, to top is all off, he witnesses an accident and finds himself temporarily disposed.  Lots of external conflict.

Conflict is what makes a story interesting.

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