Monday, December 30, 2013

Celebrate your wins

As 2013 winds down to the final hours, there are some--or maybe even several--goals you didn't accomplish.  Instead of beating yourself up, celebrate what you did accomplish.

I had a Twitter follower goal that I accomplished.

I had a blog post view count that I accomplished.

I self-published three books.

I paid off our van.

My "spiritual" goals were met.

I submitted a short story each quarter to the Writers of the Future contest.

As well as others.

What did you accomplish?  Celebrate those wins.  Look to the positive.  Let's say one of your goals was to write and complete your first book, and got 70,000 words written (and you figure another 15,000 should finish it).  Pat yourself on the back.  You got 70,000 words written that weren't written before.

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