Friday, November 22, 2013

Happenings In The Outhouse 22-Nov-2013 / Yet another new cover

Once again, I have a new cover.  This time it is for my ebook novelette Guest of Honor.  Check it out:

Quite a bit better than before.  I didn't like the other one very much--although it was much better than what I could do.

I'm starting the two projects I spoke about previously: first, the sequel to Beholder's Eye in the Central Division Series called Straight Razor.  I've only just started it, and I'm excited for what I have planned so far; second, is the editing to Shadowkill.  I'm in the opening chapters for that one too.

I'm thinking positive that this can be done--working on two projects at once--so we'll see how long it takes befoe I concentrate on just one.  I have a feeling it may not be the case, for the editing can be done while I work at my full-time job (you'd be amazed what I can get done on my breaks and lunches) and the first drafts of Straight Razor can be done in the mornings and some evenings.

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