Monday, November 11, 2013

Closing out 2013 / Thinking ahead to 2014

I had 18 distinct goals for 2013.  As of this sitting, I have completed 10 of them.  Not bad.  I'm very happy with where I'm at.  In reviewing some of my goals, a few I did not even continue to pursue--namely a novel I had written years ago and was going to edit for publication this year, however its writing needed A LOT of work, so I decided to put it on hold for now.

How is your list of goals for 2013 coming along?  Please feel free to add your comments below.

On to 2014, I have brainstormed quite a list I'd like to accomplish.  Now, in the upcoming weeks, I'll refine it and tack it up so I can see it.

One goal I didn't even come close to hitting is my exercise goal--actually, it's a weight goal I wanted to hit.  In speaking with my wife and sister-in-law recently, I have decided to join the local gym.  But not yet.  There's a small financial matter to settle first as my wife continues treatments down at the Mayo clinic quite often.

But that is a goal I will be pursuing in 2014.

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