Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Part 3 of 6 Publishing Hurdles - finish the first draft

The first two hurdles are: one, coming up with an idea; two, starting the first draft.

Number three is finishing the first draft.  I don't know how many times I've met someone who's started a book but never finished.

You need to finish.  Finishing your book is a huge accomplishment.

Start by setting a daily or weekly word count goal.  It can even be 100-200 words a day (which isn't much, but over time the words will add up).  Then, after a few days or weeks, slowly increase the word count.  It's okay at first to not write everyday.  Go every other day, if you want.  Or just on weekdays--or weekends.  Although I do not suggest the latter because there's too much time between the weekends.  You really need to be working during the week too.

Ideally, write every single day.  Even if it's a small word count.

Take a 75,000 word novel.  Break it down into 500-word days.  That's 150 days.  5 months.  If you were to increase it to 1K or even 2K a day, you see where the number of days is shorter (a 75K word novel, in 2K a day chunks, can be completed in a little over 37 days!)

Set a goal.

Then achieve that goal.

Then, strive to exceed the goal.  You can do it.

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