Saturday, August 6, 2011

What is success?

What is success?
Webster (the dictionary, not the child actor) tells us that it's a "favorable or desired outcome."
Okay, so what does that mean? We've talked a lot about attaining success over a great many blogs, but never really talked about what it means.
Success is different for each and every person. For a homeless person, it might be a warm place to stay or finding $20 dollars on the street. For someone else, it might be having a million dollars (or ten million or even an astronomical billion dollars) net worth. Success is, to put it simply, the achievement of your larger goal. Not your daily goal (or writing 1 page a day or whatever it may be), but the larger achievement.
To publish your first novel, and create enough income to be able to do it passionately for a living . . .
That's mine, by the way. In a nutshell.
What's yours?
Dream big, succeed big.
Statistics say that 97% of people are not financially independent. In the same breath, those 97% are also not going worth to achieve their goals. Be one of those 3%. Don't think it's crowded and that everyone else is doing it. They're not. There's plenty of room.
I'll save you a seat next to me . . .

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