Saturday, July 23, 2011

The meaning of what to do - part 2

Now that you've decided what it is you're destined to do, some of you may ask, "Okay, Mark, I work forty hours a week, Monday through Friday, and have been doing so for fifteen years. I'm still doing the same thing as when I started. How can I be called successful?"

The difference is what you put into your work, what passion you put forth to constantly expand your knowledge, making yourself an expert in your field of work. Do you hate your job, even though you've been doing it for fifteen or twenty years? Then change it. It's probably the reason why you haven't gone on to something different, because you have no passion for what you are doing. And that is the reason why some people spend twenty years doing something to become an expert in that field where others go on and go nowhere.

So, you need to find out what you are meant to do . . . but only if you are passionate about doing it. If you are an auto mechanic because you are not only good at it, you have an absolute passion to know everything there is about cars (to the point where if someone has a question in that field, you are the one they turn to) then you will be a successful person.

Success doesn't always have to do with money. Money is good, for it buys the things we need and grants us a position in life to help others who are hurting, but success is also having the deepest passion for what you want to do . . . and then doing it.