Friday, December 15, 2017

Strange Birth is complete / Happenings In The Outhouse 15-Dec-2017

Strange Birth, the first book in the Repel Trilogy, is complete.

Right now, I am tentatively setting a February 1st, 2018, release date.  I do have a cover, which I will share later, along with the blurb.  When I have the pre-order links set up, I will share them as well.

Strange Birth has had an interesting history.  First, I was (in my head, at least) not quite a third of the way through the entire story when I realized my word count was nearing novel length (40,000 words, according to SWFA guidelines) and came to the conclusion that this may be a trilogy.  I didn't want to short change anyone, so I tossed around the idea of either chopping it in half or thirds.

The way the entire story arcs are set, a trilogy made sense.  As of this writing, Strange Birth is sitting around 47,000 words.  I am happy with it.

Now, I will plow my way through the re-reading/editing process.

I have also been thinking about my 2018/2019 goals, along with what to write next.  For fans of my Central Division Series and Guest of Honor, I will be writing a shorter piece that takes place immediately after the conclusion of Beholder's Eye, the first in the Central Division Series.  Then, I have a new series based on the characters in Guest of Honor . . . along with someone from the last few books in the Central Division Series.

The next few years is gonna be a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoy the ride I'm creating for you all.

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