Friday, August 25, 2017

Who's reading this blog? / Happenings In The Outhouse 25-Aug-2017

I have a newsletter sign-up on all my books and my website, but honestly I haven't put out that many newsletters.

One of the main reasons is time.  And since I blog here each week, I figure that's enough as I value everyone's time--I also value mine.  I subscribe to authors and other content creators whom I receive multiple e-mail newsletters in a single day.  Some I look forward to getting, like Seth Godin and Simon Sinek, but others . . . not so much.  I haven't unsubscribed to any of these.


I'm still collecting e-mail addresses from those who subscribe to the newsletter.  That's not going away.  And I will send newsletters.

So why do I keep up with this blog?  Because it's easy for me to communicate my thoughts on here, it doesn't take much time, and I love sharing weekly updates on what I'm working on.  Here's a link to my very first blog post--not much has changed in my approach.

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