Friday, November 25, 2016

At the finish line / Happenings In The Outhouse 25-Nov-2016

On Wednesday this week, I finished the first draft to my Christmas-themed book.  This is my 22nd published work.  Some are even free on my website (yes, I count those).

I am still not sharing the title for another week or so when I have the cover and blurb to also unveil.  It turned out much, much better than I originally thought, and even had a few tears when I was nearing the end.

The book is around 55,000 words.  I started it on September 20th, and finished a little over two months later.  I will breakdown the number of days I wrote and the average words each of those days.  When I looked at those number a few weeks ago, I discovered I didn't write every single day.  But when I didn't, there was a reason behind it (I know, life gets in the way at times), and it seemed to be for multiple days in a row too.

As of now, I am at the finish line.  I have now printed it off, and will start the editing process.

Oh, and happy Black Friday!

Here are my books on Amazon.

Not on Amazon, no problem.  Here is a list on my website and where they can be purchased.

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