Friday, October 21, 2016

An example of putting yourself out there / Happenings In The Outhouse 21-Oct-2016

Let me take a small moment this Friday to brag about my son.

He's eighteen, a senior in high school, a member of both the football and golf teams, and he's light-years ahead of every single member of his class.  And I truly mean it.  Every single one.


Because he's putting out content.  On his own.  Many people talk about it.  Many of those people even study about doing it.  But they never get around to actually doing it.

My son has.

The other day, I heard rumors from my wife about his YouTube videos.  The rumor was that he had some swearing in them.  I honestly didn't care too much as I had watched the one and only video I thought he had put out there.  The swearing was minimal and done all in the nature of the content he was providing.

Then I went to his YouTube page (by the way, I was his very first subscriber) and was completely shocked to see he had over 170 videos and over 50 subscribers.  Holy cow!  So I watched a few.  Heck, he even had advertising on them, which means he's making some money from it.  A few cents here and there add up over time.

And the swearing?  In the few videos I watched, I didn't hear a single one.

Now, I will not share his YouTube name nor provide a link to it as his audience and mine do not mix.  In looking at a Venn Diagram, our two audience circles, if they were to intersect, would barely touch each other.  If at all aside from yours truly.

My son has done exactly what I told him to do.  And that is exactly what I do with indie publishing.  I'm putting myself out there.  And so is he.  While he puts out daily content, he's also studying what others in the YouTube field are doing.  But he's not just studying the how's, he's putting it into action.  That is what puts him light years above and ahead of all of his classmates.

What content have you created?  If you have, what are you waiting for?  Put it out there.

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