Friday, February 12, 2016

Changing the focus of my blogs / Happenings In The Outhouse 12-Feb-2016

What?  Blogs?

Yes, you heard correctly.  I currently have five blogs plug one from my own website: Mark S. R.

Obviously, I have this one, Views From The Outhouse.  The tagline is: "Take a journey, as one writer climbs out of the depths of obscurity, to creatively entertain and boldly stretch the imaginations of billions."  As this one is my longest running blog and mainly centered around my life's journey as a writer, I would keep it centered as such.  If anyone wants to know the inner workings of being a writer, from my perspective, the focus would remain as such.

For my Mark S. R. blog, I will be changing that to be focused on my readers.  Before, I have blending the writings from Views From The Outhouse and this one, and from now on I will be focusing it on future stories, sales/promotions, public appearances, and anything else a reader will fancy.

My next blog of importance is my Twin Cities Crime Blogger blog.  This is the fictional blog of a character in the Central Division Series (as well as a brief appearance in Guest of Honor) named Dexter Louis Grant.  This blog has been largely neglected, with plans to make it more of a central piece with the stories in the series (as well as a future spin-off series) in the near future.

The third and final blog I will mention here is my Mr. Shoestring blog.  These are my nonfiction books, of which there are one at this point.  In late 2016, I may release 1-2 more books in this series.  This blog is focused on living on a shoestring budget and where one can cut costs.

I will stop here.  I do have a blog on exploring the Holy Bible, from a non-scholarly perspective as well as one based on a fictional Minnesota town in northern Minnesota.  The Bible one I do not advertise nor share outside of simply posting.  The fictional town one hasn't even been developed since I have not had any published stories based in the town--sorry, I am not sharing links to it until it's ready to be revealed.

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