Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars vs. Doctor Who / Happenings In The Outhouse 18-Dec-2015

I apologize if the headline sounds like it's click-bait, but today's Friday post is a mashing of several ideas and with the new Star Wars movie coming out, why not start with that.

Earlier this year, I introduced my youngest daughter to both Doctor Who and Star Wars on Netflix.  She watched a few episodes the Clone Wars animated series as well as Doctor Who.  Who won?

Doctor Who.

Not to say she didn't love Star Wars, because I for one have been a fan ever since the original movie was in the theaters in 1977--yes, I'm that old.  She said she loved Doctor Who more because the doctor and his companion(s) go on countless adventures and can go in any place in time, be it far in the future or well in the past.  She knows more about the show than most people, and she's only 9-years-old.

However, when the new Star Wars movie comes out, I will be bringing all three of my kids to it.

Now, back to business at hand.  The third book in the Central Division Series is getting closer to done.  I have surpassed 48,000 words and am planning this to be anywhere between 65-70,000 words when it's complete.  I will be working on the cover shortly, and will be sharing both the title and cover soon.

Lastly, as a writer/author, one can never seem to run out of ideas.  A few days ago, while driving to work, I got a fantastic story idea.  It sounded so simple I was sure it had to be written before.  Nope.  Not even the title seemed to be taken in either a movie or book.  Sweet!  All I will say is that it's Christmas-themed and I would love to try write it before Christmas next year.  I also have a Halloween-themed story I need to write in 2016 too.

Like I said, there are no empty wells of ideas.  Only the lack of ambition or fear of failure to accomplish it.

Dream it.

Then do it.

The world is counting on you.

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