Friday, November 13, 2015

Pricing advice for publishing on Google Play / Happenings In The Outhouse 11-Nov-2015

A quick one today, but worth noting if you're interested in publishing outside the Amazon world.

Google Play may not be a huge player in the ebook market, but they do have an opportunity to disrupt the current indie publishing system.

As of this publication, Google Play may not be allowing any more new writers to submit, but if you have, good for you.  If not, bookmark the Google Play Books Partner Center link and come back at a future time.

For whatever reason, when you put in a price on Google Play, they always discount it.  Unless the price listed is $.99, they will be discounted roughly 30%.

Here is a breakdown of the two price points I use, to give you an idea where to price if you want a specific price.

$2.99 - list the price at $3.94

$1.99 - list the price at $2.37

This should get you started.  For higher prices, play around with it.  The prices get updated rather quickly--something I wish the other ebook retailers would pay attention to.

Once again, if you want to explore ebook retailers outside of Amazon, give Google Play a try.

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