Friday, August 15, 2014

Happenings In The Outhouse 15-Aug-2014 / the one story I hate

Aside from the death of 63-year-old Robin Williams, this week started out really crappy.

As you may--or may not--know, I'm putting together a collection of short stories.  Roughly half of them are fairly new, while others are older.  Both age groups need work.

But I have one that I hate.

Then why publish it, you may ask.  Because I have to.  I don't hate the story--I actually love the story and its potential.  I just hate it in its current form.  Monday at work, on my breaks and lunches, I wanted to rip the pages in half and toss them into the garbage.  The story needed that much work.

This story had been submitted to a fiction website roughly 6-7 years ago and I recieved some great editorial feedback.  Unfortunately, at the time, I concentrated my efforts elsewhere and this story sat and sat . . .

Now I am resurrecting it.

From scratch.  This is taking longer than I thought, and I am just itching to continue with the sequel to Beholder's Eye.

Soon, my friend.  Very soon . . .

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