Friday, December 28, 2012

Happenings In The Outhouse 28-Dec-2012 / A few changes in the outhouse

You may--or may not--have noticed that I didn't post anything this past Wednesday.  There's a reason for it.  Possibly many, but I've decided to blog a little less.  Not much.  I'm already (on this blog) down to three days a week.  I'll post a "Happenings" on Fridays (or every other, depending on what's going on) and one other.

Why, may you ask, would I do this?  I love blogging and I love writing.  But as I continue to fill my RSS feed with fellow writing blogs, from agents and writers and other industry wisdom magnets, I've discovered many of them don't blog every day (or every other) either.

I want to spend my time writing.

What am I writing?  Right now I've identified 10 short stories--one of which titled "Salute" is available for free on this blog--that I'm in the process of polishing up and will be submitting to publications.  "Salute" is done and the other nine are progressing very nicely.

Beholder's Eye is still being queried out to agents.  I've recieved only rejections so far, but a few of them have been extremely heart-felt--I responded back in kind to one in particular because I could tell this one would have taken me on if it wasn't for her hectic schedule (I believe all of them have hectic schedules, and are possibly some of the busiest people in the world).  Oh, by the way, this one I went back and forth with a bit on Twitter, so people it does work, this social media thing.  Don't be afraid of it.

After the short stories are completed, I have several writing projects planned for the next year.

How are your plans for 2013 coming along?  Have you written them down?

If I might make one suggestion, try this: make one goal a "pie in the sky".  Something huge and awesome, something that would take much effort to accomplish.

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