Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am a Post-It freak!

3M must love me because I love Post-Its.  Stickies, in other words.  Whenever I get a flash of inspiration or I need to jot a few ideas down for a story or a blog or even make a small list of things I need at the store, I usually write on a Post-It.

Post-Its are like temporary lists, because when I complete my list, I can throw it away and start fresh.

Sometimes my "office" is filled with various notes to myself or small lists of goals I want to accomplish in the next week or month.

Can "to-do" lists be too lengthy though and one can never accomplish everything on it?  Oh, sure.  I've been accused many times of creating "to-do" lists that could never be completed because I've got three kids to raise and other jobs to get to.  But that doesn't mean I still don't create lists.  I create lists to organize and prioritize my goals, something I learned from Earl Nightingale.

And that, my friend, is for another day, another blog.

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