Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You'll see me more often

When I look back at the dismal, sporadic array of postings on this blog, I'm both amazed at what I've written yet disappointed in how little there is at this point.

Well, that is about to change.

While my wife is still undergoing extensive treatments for her acute myeloid leukemia (AML), I am at home, working and taking care of our three children.  My writing time is usually devoted to an hour or so in the morning, about the same amount at night (depending on when they've retired for bed), and during breaks at my full-time job.  My purpose for this blog was to expound on my knowledge of the business of writing as well as helping others achieve their goals, even if it doesn't involve writing.  Up at this point, I've been living in the stone age.  Okay, not the real stone age, but the stone age as far as technology is concerned.  In fact, specifically, as far as my access of the Internet.  Prior to this morning, I had . . . drum roll please . . . dial-up.


Yes, my friends, I had dial-up for many, many years.  Well, as of this morning, I bit the bullet and got hooked up to high-speed Internet, which will allow me to go onto my blog and post more often.

Before I leave this evening, I have to tell you about an inspirational speaker I've discovered.  His name is Simon Sinek.  I heard him mentioned on podcasts I've downloaded from Dave Ramsey as well as the TEDtalks website.  He is absolutely incredible.  So much so that I've renamed the introduction of my blog, to include the "why" of why I write.  I'm sure as I go along, I'll tweak this and hone it down like a sharp knife.  Anyway, Simon wrote a book called "Start with Why".  I haven't read his book but I plan on getting it very soon.  He explains why one is doing what they're doing, why certain leaders are remembered while others aren't.  Please check him out . . . and discover your why.

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